Learn Spanish

Bienvenido! Here at Language Express USA, we are excited that you have taken interest in learning a new language. Spanish is such a beautiful language and it’s part of the big five romance languages that originated from Latin. There are over 400 million native Spanish speakers in the world, qualifying it as the second language with most native speakers in the world and the third most studied language after English and French. Adding other speakers that learned Spanish as a second language, we would be looking at over half a billion Spanish speakers in the world — so, you will have enough people to chat with, don’t worry.

In today’s day and age, knowledge is key to be successful in moving forward in any circumstance. That’s why learning another language is such an important achievement. There is a wide array of doors that open when we have the privilege of knowing another language, and it makes it easier for potential employers to hire someone that not only has the knowledge they require to fulfill their job responsibilities but also has the added value that another language provides.

The world is a melting pot, and through the years we have learned more and more that communication has been the key to become close with our fellow human beings and work together to evolve. Spanish is a powerful language that has the potential to assist you with communicating in over 20 countries in the world, and as our cultures keep mixing, those numbers just keep going up.


Choose Language Express USA to Learn Spanish!

You will be developing fluency in Spanish with our hands-on courses while you are interacting with your teachers by listening, speaking, and using our conversational approach. Our instructors will be there to support your progress and will have you speaking Spanish from the first lesson. Our methodology of teaching guides you through a process of learning where you will be constantly improving your vocabulary and speech, and as you embrace and assimilate to the language, you will gain confidence.

Our teachers work tirelessly to make your learning process more thorough with improved efficiency. Forget about the boring ways of learning a new language, or learning anything, our courses are interactive so you don’t have to worry about following the cookie-cutter method that other schools and instructors follow.

We use a methodology called The Conversational Approach, which was developed, tested, and proven as an exceptional language-learning process in the linguistic labs at Ohio State University and UCLA. Teachers must be certified in order to apply this methodology, and all our teachers and instructors are fully certified — we give you the best training from the best teachers!

Language Express USA is owned and operated by educators whose goals are to give results to all students, we don’t move forward for profit, we move forward for education.

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Why Learn Spanish?

It’s Range

With Spanish being the second most spoken language in the world, it can be an amazing asset to know the language that 22 countries call Spanish their official language — that’s over 10% of the countries in the world. It is also the third most used language on the internet.


The Spanish language is considered the most romantic and passionate language on earth! It is also a wonderful language to use for poetry and prose. Spanish also has a wide breadth of words for love, letting you express yourself exactly how you feel.

It’s Increasing Demand!

With an estimate of 18 million students currently studying Spanish, it is forecasted that Spanish will be understood by 10% of the population in the future generations. Also, look at it like this, the online use of Spanish has increased by 800% in recent years.

Expand Your Culture

With the increasing mixing of cultures in the U.S., Spanish is becoming more accepted and has a projection of over 130 million speakers by 2050. This would make the U.S. the country with more Spanish speaking people in the world.

Other Interesting Facts

  • 93% of Spanish and Portuguese speaking people are tri-lingual.
  • 52% of people from the mid-east, Europe and Asia are bi-lingual.
  • 18% of Americans can only speak one language in addition to English.

With the increasing need for Spanish in the U.S. and the world, don’t wait until the last second to learn Spanish. Here at Language Express USA, we strive to satisfy all our students with our courses and teachers. With over 35 years of experience, we’ll have you speaking fluently in no time. Learn your new language today!