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At Language Express USA, we have always been interested in the amazing world of languages. Communication is such a fascinating and important part of our lives and the more you can communicate with others, the better and more enjoyable the road becomes!

Learning English in today’s world is a paramount necessity for a myriad of reasons. It is not only the dominant language for business around the globe, but it is also a very efficient and effective language. The English language may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language of 53 countries and spoken by more than 400 million people.

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The English language is the most common second language in the world. Chances are if you wish to speak with someone from another country that does not speak your native language, nor you speak theirs, you both would be speaking English to each other. Of course, in the case that you already speak English, then you might be looking to learn some other interesting language to add to your portfolio of knowledge. Click here to learn more about what we offer!

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At Language Express USA, we focus on teaching the most efficient way of learning a new language in order to maximize your time spent with us and our classes. We lead our classes with a visual and auditory connection, a critical aspect of learning the correct pronunciation. On your English-learning journey, you will have the benefit of having a live teacher that can make suggestions and corrections on the spot for that valuable feedback you need without the need to wait hours, sometimes days, when you are taking courses with other programs and institutions.

What differentiates Language Express USA from other programs, is that we work directly with you. We don’t offer the preset learning tools and one-size-fits-all program because we know everyone has a different learning style and do so at their own pace — learning Apps and boxed programs don’t do that for you, if you don’t fit their teaching methods, you either don’t learn much or it takes you way longer to grasp their content.

Once you enroll to learn English with Language Express USA, you can discuss your personal needs and create a plan with your instructors to determine what you, as a student, are looking to achieve. You could be looking for conversational proficiency, technical learning related to a certain industry or job, wanting to improve your current level of the language, or simply be on your way to becoming a polyglot — we can offer any level of learning with great support from our staff and guarantee you to be speaking your new language from the first lesson!

If for any reason you decide that the language you are currently taking does not suit you or your needs, you can easily request a change with no fees and the payments you have done in advance will be applied to your new courses.

Other benefits that you will be receiving from Language Express USA:

  • Scheduling as many lessons in advance as you want

  • The support material for the classes will be emailed to you after you register

  • We offer different lesson settings; from private classes for one person to a classroom setting for up to 10 people

  • We teach classes any day of the week

  • Our classes run for 45-minute intervals

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Why Learn English?



As we mentioned above, English has become the business language of the world. Many corporations and international businesses have set English as the language they use to conduct everyday activities, meetings, and write their overall documentation.

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English has become such a driving force for many industries in the past couple of decades that you can be certain that no matter what the original language of a movie, book, show, or even game, they will be translated into English or have subtitles at the very least — major blockbuster movies nowadays are, more often than not, filmed in English and later translated into other languages if the need arises.

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English is the language of the internet!

The internet is the source of information for virtually anything today. If you know English, you have access to a vast pool of information online. It is estimated that over 50 percent of the most visited websites in the world are displayed in English. This gives you the potential access to billions of websites all over the world.

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The number of scientific papers published in English have started to outweigh the number of papers published in the native languages of researchers. Knowing English can open the doors to the universe of science thanks to the grand amount of material to be found. Language Express USA can help you learn English to expand your horizons!

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With so many people having English as their first language and so many others learning English as a second language, you can be sure that you will find someone to talk to in every corner of the world. There’s a big possibility that no matter where you go, English will help you communicate with others!

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Job Opportunities

Learning another language is definitely a deciding factor for employers to choose new candidates — this can make you a more attractive prospect for a company. Some studies have shown that someone who is bilingual can earn up to 20 percent more than the person who only speaks one language, and if you know English, remember that it is considered as the international language for business.

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Brain Engagement

Becoming bilingual can improve your brain activity and push you further into your overall cognitive development. Your vocabulary expands when knowing a second language and some studies have shown that bilingual people that have been diagnosed with mental degenerative diseases like dementia, have been diagnosed as much as five years later than people that only knew one language.

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Learning English in today’s world is important and considered to be a must-have asset to thrive and be able to communicate with others. At Language Express USA, we know how important it is to provide students with the right learning environment, methods, and practices to help them better understand the language and guarantee a solid foundation. Our methods have been proven time and again — with 35 years of professional experience, we can assure you that you will begin speaking your new language from the first lesson!

Contact Language Express USA today to start your English classes and set up your schedule. If you have any questions about our programs, hours, or methodology, we will be happy to answer.