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Benefits of Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is not only beneficial for its use, but also for communicating with people who speak the language you learn. There are many ways that a new language can improve aspects of your cognitive development and even improve your main language. Here are seven benefits of learning a foreign language:


Improves Your First Language

A second language can make you aware of the structure of your first language, help you expand your vocabulary, teach you about idioms and how to use them better, and many other aspects that can boost your overall comprehension of the language that you know.


Boost Your Brain Capabilities

Language is a complex and intricate aspect of our day-to-day that we can take for granted. Learning a new language can mean having to learn new structures, sets of rules, and other aspects to be able to fully understand and use the language that you want to learn. This can translate into helping your brain develop polished skills to deal with the new structure and be able to have both your first language and the one that you are learning play a part simultaneously in your daily life.


Improve Your Memory

When you learn a new language, you need to use more “storage” to keep the new information accessible — almost like learning a new skill. In simpler terms, your brain needs more space to keep what you already know and all the new information that’s coming in.

If you are dealing with a language that has a completely different composition, then you might be looking at an even bigger database to learn because you need to learn a different conjugation or even characters to be able to write in the new language. All of this, when successfully done, allows you to use your memory more and keep the brain sharper to be able to recall all the information you need to use both languages.


You Become Sharper

According to studies done at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Spain, people who know multiple languages have better observation skills and might have an easier time spotting something that’s irrelevant or deceptive — part of the studies also revealing multilingual individuals to be better at spotting misleading information.


Improve Your Performance in Other Study Areas

The hard work and discipline put into learning a new language can help you be better prepared for other studies and academic areas. The new language and the applied study to learn it can help you boost your reading comprehension, as well as improve your ability to problem-solve.


Increase Your Network

Learning a new language opens the doors to new cultures and people that you were previously not able to communicate with due to the language barrier. Having the potential to communicate with millions of people more than you can with one language, can help you improve your network.


Career Opportunities

When applying for a job, you are rarely the only person who applies. Looking for a job can be a challenge, especially if you are competing with people who have similar skill levels or came out of the same schools — this is where knowing more than one language can help!

Being multilingual can provide you with the upper hand when you are trying to shine out of a pool of people who have the same skills that you do. Some companies specifically look for people who not only have the skills they need to fulfill the job, but who are also able to speak another language, because the company’s business might be composed of a multitude of international companies and they need people who can communicate with other branches.

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