The LXP Program

begin speaking your new language from the very first lesson…guaranteed


Gerald J.Luongo, PhD., President | Constance M. Paladino, MA Languages, Program Supervisor


There are no long term contracts.

You determine your needs along with your professional instructor.

  • With your professional instructor, the Client can discuss their personal needs to determine his/her degree of interest in the language and to what degree of competency they wish to possess.
  • After discussion with the Professional Instructor, the Client can make a decision as to whether the language chosen was appropriate or perhaps the client would like to experiment with another language.
  • If a client should decide to experience another language, there are no change fees and advance payments are applied to the new area of study.

The LanguageXpressUSA program provides several critical and essential learning components not available on ‘apps’ or ‘boxed programs’:

  1. An auditory and visual connection which is essential in learning “correct pronunciation”.
  2. The client has the added benefit of a LIVE TEACHER making suggestions and corrections immediately.
  3. The client can ask the teacher questions and get answers. APPS’ and Boxed programs cannot do that!

In scheduling lesson times, each lesson or classroom hour is 45 minutes in length. Clients may schedule as many or as few sessions as they choose. However, in all fairness to all clients, those clients who purchase blocks of 5 hours or can reserve a time! From an educational point of view, 10 hours of Instruction provide a basic platform for acquiring sufficient knowledge to move forward in the learning process.

  • You may schedule as many lessons in advance as you wish.
  • Lesson materials are emailed to the registered client.
  • The lesson schedule operates on Eastern time.
  • Need to cancel? email us at or call 561-368-8788 – 24 hours message service available for your convenience.

Take a minute and compare time zones:

If it’s 1:50 pm EST then it’s 12:50 pm CST, and 11:50 am MST and 10:50 am PST: Lessons available Monday thru Sunday, 7 AM – 10 PM.

Clients’ are notified by email of days when lessons are cancelled well in advance. We operate from Boca Raton Florida and we do get some nasty storms or hurricanes.

The current listing of languages are found in the form below. Interested in a language not listed, contact us.