Survival Language

For when you need to learn a language quickly!

Learn What You Need From A Language In Record Time!

At LanguageXpress, we bring you language learning at a new level. The survival program, created by our Educational Director, Mrs. Connie Paladino, is often used by travel agents, cruise lines, and airlines to learn the quick and easy ins and outs of a language. This program is specially designed for the traveler who needs to learn and understand phrases but doesn't have the time to learn a language in depth.


This language-learning program includes the following:

  • A complete pocket-sized travel booklet in the foreign language.

  • A complete booklet of all the material from the travel booklet in English.

  • A complete audio with the phrases and other information in the foreign language spoken by a native speaker with time for you to repeat.

When You Need To Speak The Language But Have No Time!

Don’t allow time to deter your travelling plans. The survival language program from LanguageXpress is here to provide you with all the basics, tips, and tricks from different languages to build up the necessary skills and tools to defend yourself with foreign language without the need to spend months on end learning. This is a condensed version of our language-learning packages to facilitate your traveling plans or work abroad.

You can learn specific topics or subjects that will prove to be helpful when you need a particular approach to the language you want to learn.


The categories included in the survival program are:

  • Introductions

  • Asking for something

  • At the café or restaurant shopping

  • The hotel

  • Personal needs

  • Medical

  • Currency

  • Numbers

  • And so much more!

You will be able to download all this to your computer, print it out at home, and play the audio as often as needed to learn — perfect for the traveler!

Limited languages available based on most popular foreign languages.

All this for the Promotional Price of $50.00.

Contact our team today if you have any questions or purchase today to start learning a new language!