NO Fees, NO hidden costs, NO contracts

All Credit Card information is ecrypted and not re

1. If you are taking advantage of the Promotion as advertised, simply check the payment box as noted. Each person taking advantage of the Special Promotion of SIX 45-MINUTE LESSONS for only $110.00, must complete an application. One name, one registration form.

2. If you are not interested in the promotion, select one of the FOUR remaining payment options: Private lessons [1], Semi-private [2], Mini-group[3-5] and Classroom lessons [6-10]. You are reminded that every person who registers MUST complete an application. One person per application.


Accommodating our Clients

Obviously we do our best to accommodate your schedule and that is why we request alternate times. Private lessons can be accommodated easily. Semi-private and Mini-group depends on whether the registrants are family or friends or simply other wonderful clients, we are committed to working with everyone and finding common ground. As to group lessons, it poses a slight challenge but we have the facilities to create several classrooms. As with any professional and educational endeavor, when clients book hours in blocks of time (6 or more hours), we can “reserve” that time for the client. Regardless patience must prevail and we will work in meeting our clients’ requests.